Based on addiction research

Scientific research showed that with cognitive bias modification (CBM) even gambling, alcohol and nicotine addictions can be reduced significantly. With the help of CBM and applied AAT* you can align your subconscious and automatic tendencies with your long term goals.


The dual-process of behavior


Setting up your Betterbias framerun

A ready to use program, personalized to your weaknesses and goals, that helps you retrain your subconscious bias and automatic action tendencies to work for you instead of against you.


Pick your temptations

● Social Media

● Smoking

● Junkfood

● Bingewatching

● Alcohol

Pick your desired behaviors

  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Friends & Family
  • Studying
  • Meditation & Mindfulness

The frame task

Each frame within a framerun will require one quick CL-based deciphering act: within the first seconds of a frame spot the shortest block and swipe its moving counter-clockwise, but swipe down if its moving clockwise.

Ready to start

You are now ready to start! Each framerun will take about three minutes. For best results we recommend a daily framerun for a period of 20 days.


Complete one framerun daily

Daily frameruns will weaken existing automatic tendencies and cognitive bias that steer us towards short-term temptations. Betterbias™ will simultaneously create ans strengthen new automatic tendencies towards your chosen replacement behaviors. Last but not least, these modifications will solidified by packing the amount of stimuli-behavior associations of several real-life days into a single framerun within Betterbias™.


Change your subconsious tendencies to help you achieve your goals!


What is Cognitive Bias Modification?

CBM aan AATr are methodologies designed, tested and proven on addictions such as gambling, smoking and alcoholism. Betterbias™ has adapted these methodologies to help people who want to align their subconscious towards more long-term goals. Lowering the required self-discipline to study instead of instagramming, to go to the gym instead of bingewatching netflix or eathing healthy instead of another deliveroo junkfood order.


Our mission

Addiction research has a strong and deep scientific background, but its insights and treatment methodologies are not yet being applied to help us fight the little temptations we face every day. Whether it is the addictive nature of social media, the convenience of junkfood delivery or our nicotine or caffeine addiction. We can’t and shouldn't rely on just our self-descipline to get us where we want to be.

Happy users


Make your subconscious biases work in your favour instead of against you!